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Transitioning Out Of Sport: Becoming A Retired College Athlete

In the final episode of The Panel, we discuss transitioning out of sport. The transition can be tough for everyone, even the athlete that is burnt out and ready for something new. With that said, there are ways to make your transition easier, and we discuss the things we wish we knew earlier.


There is a lot to process as you transition out of sport. You've played your sport for much of your life, and while the sport itself is not going away, you're not competing like you once did. Now you're looking to put your energy and effort into new things while also moving into the working world. You also may be working through what fitness looks like to you as someone who no longer has to train for performance. Finally, you may be grieving your career altogether.

While the transition can be uncomfortable for everyone, finding your identity outside of sport before making the transition can be helpful. In addition, seeking counseling through the transition can be a great support as you navigate new territory.

Your school may or may not prepare you for this next step in life. But, whether they help you get ready for the job force, helping you prep your resume, or help you land internships, it's up to you to seek out opportunities to shape your future. But you're not alone in this; you have an entire community of retired college athletes looking to support you along the way.

Key Quotes

  • "Every job that I have had currently is because I’m a former basketball player." - Katie Mehlhorn

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